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Model 9001

,No Keyhole.
,Make your own keys, easy as 1-2-3.
,Delete keys - even if the key is lost!
,Every key is unique.
,One key with multi-lock ability.
,No programming or software.
,Re-key your lock anytime with the push of a button.
,Built-in alarm.
,Solid core brass with lifetime Anti-tarnish finish.
,Guaranteed Warranty.
,Retrofits any standard door.
,Emergency power pack included.
,Batteries included and last for up to 15,000 openings.
,Multilock ability allows your key to be used on any smart sentry lock if the owner allows.


,Maximum convenience.
,Easier to open than a traditional lock.
,Eliminates re-keying.
,Eliminates lock replacement.
,Maintenance free.
,Maximum property security and key access control.
,Easier to manage keys.
,Limits property liability.
,Reduces insurance rates.
,Secure, pick proof mechanical Backup Key.

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